The Repugnant and Ambiguous Sagacity

Those who deny the world must have once embraced what they now set on fire.

11 December
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Aronah, a.k.a Anda "flowerchild" Faith, was born in the hazy days of the early 17th century as the last remaining member of the elusive community: Horsepeople of the Apocalypse. You may know her from her infamous - and albeit brief - love affair with Sex Pistols bass guitarist, Sid Vicious, in the late 1970's. Though, some say her life didn't begin until she met a man in a red hunting cap. She listened to him when he asked about the ducks in the pond, and he made the decision to write an epic novel about her - she kept all her kings in the back row.

Anda later went on to waste away in a death induced depression, which led her to Woodstock. And, encased in mud, she found the meaning of life. Thus, surrounded by voices of the past, present, and, future - the distant screaming of a wahwah petal - down the drainpipe she went. The rabbit of time was upon her. Afterward, she emerged on the shores of the Dead Sea where she was abducted by breakdancing gypsies and the one-eyed-which who only spoke in palindromes. In the hustle and bustle of Y2K, she interned as a short-lived duct tape dealer until the Boston Tea Revolt, for which she was the cause. The Great War that ensued forced her to go into hiding, where she currently resides with her pet leech, Nessie
spilled milk.


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